Dedicated Volunteers





Vince Spencer is a ten year Special Duties Army Veteran and has spent almost 20 years volunteering and supporting Veterans Haven. We honor him and thank him for his service and support. Vince is an example of what Veteran's Haven is all about--Vets Helping Vets.


John Skinner is an Army Veteran and has been volunteering at Veteran's Haven for around 12 years now.


Mary Pierson is a Medical Service Specialist Air Force Veteran. She has been a valuable asset to Veteran's Haven for over 3 years now.



Dale Newman is a Vietnam era Army Veteran that has been lending Veteran's Haven his support for over 2 years now.


Will Potter is a 10 year 101st Airborne Army Veteran and loyally supports Veteran's Haven mission in Vets Helping Vets.


Debbie Sparks is a proud daughter of a 30 year Retired Army Veteran father. She has felt it her honor and duty to help Veteran's Haven for over 12 years to give back to veterans what they have earned.


Billy Jean Sparks is the Grand-daughter of a 30 year Retired Army Veteran. She has helped Veteran's Haven support our community for nearly 8 years now.


Darrell Scott is a Navy Veteran and has been loyally supporting Veteran's Haven for over 2 years now.


Bob Guerin is a Marine Corps Veteran and has been serving Veteran's Haven for about 8 years now.


We are a valuable Veteran and Community Service organization worthy of your support.



Russ Barnett, a Vietnam Army Veteran, is the founder of Vet Fest and organized the event for fifteen years. Vet Fest is a weekend of concerts, one band after another playing through the days and nights, raising money for veterans organizations. In searching for organizations worthy of donating to, Russ ran across Veteran's Haven. To this day, Russ Barnett has been an adamant advocate for and generous supporter of Veteran's Haven. We are grateful for Russ, his tireless efforts, and his friendship to us. Russ is an example of what Veteran's Haven is all about--Vets Helping Vets. Please help us help each other.