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Vince and Judy Berna were high school sweethearts and married young, staying together through the thick and thin of it all. When Vince was 17 years of age, he enlisted in the Army, rather than wait to be drafted. Vince trained in Fort Knox, attended AIT for Supply Weaponry, then spent a year at Fort Leonard, Missouri working in that field. Vince then shipped to Vietnam to a fire support base named Bearcat 15 miles from Saigon.

When Vince returned home from the service, he worked in the millwright union for 25 years. Forced into early retirement due to a car accident, Vince and Judy soon found themselves having financial difficulty. So, Vince took a side job delivering groceries for a nearby grocery store which included a route from the suburbs to Detroit. It was along this route that Vince witnessed many homeless veterans. Vince started inviting these veterans in need to his two-room apartment to help in any way he could. Through word of mouth, veterans started lining up outside the apartment door for any food and various items that Vince and Judy could provide. This went on for 4 or 5 years until something more had to be done.

During this time, Vince wrote over 300 proposals and submitted them to anyone he thought would listen. Finally, one hit from the Heritage Foundation of Detroit granting him $20,000 to his cause. In 1999, the Veteran’s Haven, Inc. Outreach Center building was purchased, and the rest is history.

Veteran's Haven, Inc. Outreach center is open from 9:00 am to 11:00 am on weekdays and offers food, clothing, hygiene products, and referral services for veterans in need. Currently, there are two separate programs to help veterans obtain food. One program is Vet Pacs where honorably discharged veterans show their DD Form 214 and proof of income to become eligible to receive food on a monthly basis. The second program is Wednesday Food Day, sponsored by Gleaner's Food Bank, where veterans, seniors, and low-income people are eligible for a weekly food give-a-way at the Outreach Center facility. Veteran's Haven, Inc. provides clothing and hygiene kits as well on a monthly basis to veterans in need. Also provided is referral services to other agencies that may be better suited to address specific needs or circumstances.

It is hard work, commitment, and dedication that drives Vince and Judy to continue in their determination to serve our military veterans in need.


Please help support them in their cause by donating to:

Veteran's Haven, Inc. Outreach Center
4924 S. Wayne Rd.
Wayne, MI 48184
Phone: 734-728-0527

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