Veteran's Haven has a four-unit, permanent housing, rehab facility for veterans in need. The Wayne-Metro Community Action coalition, along with various agencies, voted to acquire veterans grants from HUD to benefit Veteran's Haven. This quadruplex was purchased with a tax free block grant from Westland, MI. All residents are required to follow a strict program that includes proper behavior, maintenance of property and self, curfew guidelines, mandatory job or disability, and mandatory volunteer work. No drinking or drugs are tolerated. All rental money received is used to maintain the structure and property, and help pay for utilities at our Veteran's Haven, Inc. Outreach Center facility.

Veteran's Haven, Inc. is an all volunteer organization.

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Applying For Transitional Housing

    The objective of Veteran's Haven Inc's "transitional housing" program is to provide support to veterans who require a safe haven while they work to improve their lives. It is NOT a shelter, but part of a program that enables honorably discharged veterans to transition from homelessness to a place of their own. Because it is a program, there are rules and criteria that applicants must meet to be eligible for this service.

  • All applicants must be honorably discharged veterans
  • All applicants must be goal oriented - If you just want a place to stay, we won't accommodate you
  • All applicants must be working, actively seeking work, or eligible for an income through Social Security or VA
  • No alcohol or drug use - Veteran's Haven has a "zero tolerance" policy and all clients are randomly tested at our discretion
  • Because we are a HUD subsidized facility, all clients are required to pay a 30% fee from their income to stay in our program
  • Because this is a group environment, all clients must be able to get along with each other
  • All clients are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of our facilities and properties
  • All clients are required to be at Veteran's Haven Inc's Outreach Center Monday through Friday 8:30 am till Noon
  • Curfew is 8pm
  • All clients are required to save their money towards transitioning back into life on their own
  • All clients will obey the rules and instructions of the staff of Veteran's Haven Inc, or face termination from the program

Be Warned

    We are located in outer Wayne County, so if your personal business requires you to spend a great deal of time in Detroit or other surrounding counties there's a good chance that you won't be happy here. We do not have the means to transport our clients back and forth to the Ann Arbor VA, and it's a long bus ride to the Detroit VA Hospital. We do not allow clients to "roam the streets" or "hang out". You're here because you want to get your life back on track.


If you've read the above and feel you are eligible for this unique service:


    Click on the link below and print out the application. Read and answer all of the questions completely. Sign on the appropriate lines and either mail or fax the application to us. Be sure to include a copy of your DD214 proving you are an honorably discharged veteran. Also be sure to provide us with a phone number where we may reach you if we have any further questions.



Application for Transitional Housing