Vet Packs



Honorably Discharged Veterans showing their DD Form 214 and proof of income are eligible for a monthly Vet Pac at our Veteran's Haven, Inc. Outreach Center facility. Each Vet Pac includes canned goods and pantry goods. Also distributed is one package of meat (when available) and one box of cereal (when available). Veteran's Vet Pacs are in addition to our monthly veteran's clothing give-away and our weekly Wednesday Food Day give-away. These free Vet Pacs come at a cost to Veteran's Haven of approximately $27/box, not including meat, cereal, or clothing.

Veterans may also obtain a free monthly hygiene pack from Veteran's Haven when available.

Apply any weekday between 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.

Veteran's Haven, Inc. is an all volunteer organization.

Please help us help each other with your donations.